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Henryk Wieniawski


  • Henryk Wieniawski was born on 10 July 1835, at four In the afternoon, In Lublin. Baptismal register signed 18 V 1837.
  • Aged five, Henryk begins violin lessons in Lublin. First teachers: J. Hornziel (virtuoso, pedagogue, concertmaster at the Opera in Lublin, musician at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw), then S. Serwaczyński (Kapellmeister at the Opera in Lviv). A s a child, participates in domestic music-making (quarters of J. Haydn and W. A. Mozart, concertos of Cremont, Ch. A. de Bériot, and J. Mayseder, compositions of G. Onslow). In 1842, heard by the Czech virtuoso violinist Henryk Panofka.


  • Late summer, at the advise of Panofka, leaves to study in Paris.
  • 28 XI 1843, enrolled in Prof. Joseph Lambert Massart’s violin class at the Paris Conservatoire. For the first year, remains under the tutelage of the professor’s assistant, J. Clavel.
  • 27 IV 1844, plays in his first public concert in Paris, in the Erard Hall.
  • 2 XII 1844, Prof. Massart transfers Henryk to special class.
  • 28 VI 1846, wins first prize and gold medal in the competitive examination, the youngest graduate in the school’s history.
  • 6 XII 1846, award ceremony and concert of laureates, attended by Regina Wieniawska, who brings her youngest son, Józef, from Lublin to begin his piano studies at the Paris Conservatoire.
  • The following year, Henryk remains in Paris taking advanced violin lessons privately from Prof. Massart. Meets F. Chopin and A. Mickiewicz.


  • 12 II, “family“ concert with brother Józef and uncle Edward Wolff in the Parisian Sax Hall.
  • Sets out from Paris at the end of February on his fisrt foreign tour. 12 and 24 IV, 2, 17 28 V, concerts in St. Petersburg, at the Mikhailovsky Theatre and the hall of the Assembly of Noblemen, as well as in the salons of aristocrats, musicians and music-lovers.
  • From June to September, travels and gives concerts throughout the Baltic states (Helsinki, Riga, Dorpat, Mitau, Vilnius). In Vilnius, meets S. Moniuszko.
  • In October, arrives in Warsaw. Two concerts (10 and 15 X) in the Grand Theatre. Appearance in home town of Lublin (14 XI) and in Puławy (beg. XII).
  • In early December, leaves for Dresden for a four-month stay with the grand-elder of Polish, violin playing – Karol Lipiński. Interrupted by concert-giving.
  • 28 XII, first concert in Wrocław.


  • 6 I, further concert in Wrocław. Concerts in Leipzig and Dresden (23 I). In February, leaves for Weimar with a letter of introduction and recommendation from Lipiński to Franz Liszt; plays in concerts.
  • In March, travels from Berlin to Paris, via Hamburg.
  • 11 IV, commences composition studies under Prof. Hippolite Collet at the Paris Conservatoire.


  • The brothers give concerts in Paris, including 17 III in the 11th Arrondissement, 30 III in St. Cecilia Hall and also in the Philharmonic Society, 9 IV in Erard Hall, 19 V in Herz Hall.
  • 18 VI and 15 VII, the brothers sit their final composition exams.
  • Henryk is awarded the title of honorary member of the Philharmonic Society and a grand medal of the Cercle-des-Arts.
  • 9 IX, the brothers arrive in Warsaw. Attend social gatherings and play in Warsaw salons.
  • 9 X, Henryk and Józef appear at the Łazienkowski Palace before the Tsaritsa of Russia, who is visiting Warsaw.
  • In November, the brothers make a 3-week visit to give concerts in Kalisz and the surrounding area.
  • 30 XI, the Wieniawski brothers give a concert in Radom, and on 16 and 23 XII in the hall of the Grand Theatre in Warsaw.


  • 2 I 1851, the brothers give a farewell concert in the hall of the Resursa Nowa in Warsaw (proceeds going to charity); 5 I, appear in the City Hall in Lublin.
  • A concert on 8 II in Kiev begins the Wieniawski brothers’ grand tour of the Russian Empire, which comprises nearly 200 concerts in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Helsinki, Mitava, Vilnius, Tver, Poltava, Kremenchug, Vladimir, Elizavetgrad, Voznesensk and other locations. In most places, they give several concerts, returning to a few of the locations several times.


  • In January, after concerts in Kiev which conclude the grand tour, the Wieniawski brother return to Lublin. A short rest with their family, then preparations for the next tour.
  • February 2, concerts in the salon of their uncle Maximilian Wolff in Warsaw.
  • Approx. 20 II, leave Warsaw for Vienna. Nine concerts on 3, 7, 13 (twice), 16, 22 and 28 III and on 3 and 5 IV. Their concert at the Vienna Opera on 22 III is attended by the Emperor of Austria, with the imperial family and court.
  • After appearances in Vienna and 3 concerts (13, 15 and 17 IV) in Cracow , the brothers stay in Leipzig – negotiations with publishers and a musical matinee on 23 VI.
  • In April, the brothers begin a 3-month stay with Liszt in Weimar. Join Liszt in public and court concerts (including 15 V and 6 VI); discussion meetings in the Villa Altenburg; Józef takes piano lessons from Liszt.
  • In July, the brothers give concerts in Karlovy Vary and mariánske Láznĕ (including 25 VII); in August, perform in Moscow.
  • In August and September, concerts in German health resorts: Kissingen, Baden-Baden, Bad Homburg, Wiesbaden, Ems, Kreuznach and in Spa, where Princess Ernestine Sachsen-Meiningen decorates Henryk with an Order of Service.
  • October 5, concerts in Aix-la-Chapelle; 27 X, a concert at the Leipzig Gewandhaus; and on 5 XI a concert in the local theatre.
  • At the end of November, the brothers travel to Bavaria. Concerts at the royal court and Odeon hall in Munich (5 and 17 XII), and in Augsburg (28 and 31 XII). Both artists are awarded the Gold Medal of Fine Arts by Archduke Maximilian.


  • At the beginning of the year, a continuation of the concert series: in Nuremberg (11, 13 and 17 I), Ansbach (15 I), Würzburg, Frankfurt-am-Main and Dresden.
  • In February, the brother arrive in Berlin for 13 concerts: 2 at the royal court (18 and 25 II), 4 in the Königliches Schauspielhaus (19, 22 and 27 II and 4 IV), 6 in the Kroll Potsdam (18 IV) and for the Gustav Adolf Foundation (4 III).
  • Three concerts (21, 22 and 23 IV) in the Municipal Theatre in Poznań, 5 in Königsberg (May), 3 appearances in Gdańsk (including 18 and 22 V), concert in Elbląg (25 V) and Bydgoszcz (30 V).
  • 1 VI, a return visit lasting five weeks to Poznań. Eight concerts at the Hotel Bazar (9, 11, 13, 15 and 26 VI) and in the Municipal Theatre (29 VI, 2 and 4 VII).
  • Concerts in Munich (8 and 11 VIII); from August to October, appearances in Kissingen, Bade-Baden, Ostend, Würzburg, Bad Homburg (9 and 13 IX) and Heidelberg.
  • November 5, concerts in Frankfurt-am-Main; concerts in Cologne. At the end of December, a visit to Brussels at the invitation of the Director of the Conservatoire, François Joseph Fétis.


  • 7 I, first concert in the hall of the Brussels Conservatoire; 11, 15 and 26 I and 1 II further concerts in Brussles, in the halls of the Theatre Royal and the Artistic and Literary Circle, and also in Antwerp.
  • In February, concerts in Hamburg (including 10 and 20 II), Hannover (24 II) and Bremen (27 II).
  • In the spring, a visit to Paris; in June, arrives in Galicia, concert in home town of Lublin (19 VI). Departs for concerts in Kiev. The brothers decide to go their separate artistic ways.
  • In August, Henryk gives solo concerts in Munich; arrives in Szczawno-Zdrój for a health cure (performs there twice). 30 VIII and 1 1 IX, concerts in Wrocław, 30 IX in Leipzig (Gewandhaus), 6 IX in Bremen, series of concerts in Cologne (including 20 XI, 8, 9 and 12 XII).


  • From January to March, concerts in Brussels (including 24 I, 25 II, 4 and 12 III), Ghent (21 II) and Antwerp (5 III).
  • With a concert in Amsterdam on 14 III, Henryk begins a close long-term relationship with the Netherlands. He performs in Amsterdam on 19, 24, 26, 28 and 29 III, 4 IV and 11 V, in the Hague on 1, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 30 IV as well as 12, 21 and 24 V, in Utrecht on 15 III, in Dordrecht 9 IV, in Delft 10 IV, in Rotterdam – 5 appearances in March, in Arnhem 14 IV, Leiden 1 V, and also in Breda and other Dutch towns.
  • In May, Henryk spends a few days in London; in June, he gives concerts in Belgium; in July, he performs in Königsberg; in the final months of the year, concerts in Bad Homburg (2 IX), Wiesbaden, and also in Antwerp (8 XI).
  • In November, returns to the Netherlands, gives concerts in Amsterdam (26 XI as well as 13 and 20 XII), the Hague (27 XI, 5 and 23 XII), Utrecht (3 and 24 XII) and Dordrecht (22 XII). On 3 XI, plays in Antwerp, and 10 XII in Brussels.


  • Until March, he continues his appearances in the Netherlands: Amsterdam (9 and 14 I, 2, 13 and 20 II), the Hague (8 and 21 I, 18 II and 4 III), Utrecht (10 and 24 I, 25 II and 18 III), Rotterdam (5 I), Dordrecht (6 I), Hertogenbosch (& II and 15 III), Arnhem (12 and 18 III), Zutphen (16 I), Deventer (17 I and 15 III), Leiden (3 I), Nijmegen (22 I and 17 III), Groningen (21 and 28 II), Leeuwarden (24 and 27 II), Zwolle (4 III), and also in Haarlem, Breda, Sneek and other towns.
  • On 10 II and 23 III, concerts in Antwerp.
  • In April, a series of concerts in Galicia with his brother Józef: in Lviv (16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 29 IV and 4 V) and in Cracow (15, 17 and 19 V), after which they split up again.
  • Henryk gives concerts in Kalisz, then at the end of May/beginning of June he gives concerts in Königsberg. On 13 VI, he begins a 3-week stay in Poznań with 5 concerts in the Hotel Bazar and the Municipal Theatre (24, 27 as well as 28 VI, 2 and 3 VII).
  • 7 VII, goes for treatment to Szczawno-Zdrój, and gives 2 performances for the patients.
  • In August, he combines a holiday with concerts in the South of France – Marseilles and Bordeaux – and than plays in Baden-Baden (4 and 11 IX) and other resorts.
  • In the last three months of the year, he undertakes a joint tour with two Italian musicians: the singer signora Fiorentini and the double-bass player G. Bottesini, and in part with his brother Józef. They give concerts in Frankfurt-am-Main (9 X), Berlin (22, 25, 27, 29, 30 and 31 X as well as 1 and 30 XI), Hamburg, Wrocław (12, 14 and 15 XI), in the Dutch cities of Dordrecht (18 XI and 30 XII), Amsterdam (9, 12 XII), Utrecht (10 XII) and the Hague (16, 19 and 23 XII).


  • In January and February, further concerts in the Netherlands, including the Hague (6 I), Rotterdam (7 I), Zwolle (16 I), Groningen (18 and 22 I), Leeuwarden (20 I), Deventer (27 I), Nijmegen (19 I), Hertogenbosch (2 II), Breda (12 II) and Arnhem.
  • In March, there are concerts in Belgium: Namur, Liège (10 III), Antwerp (13 III), Brussels (10 IV) as well as in other towns.
  • In April and May, he performs in Paris (8, 16, 18, 24 and 25 IV, 4 and 6 V), also jointly with A. Rubinstein.
  • Traditional summer concerts in the health resorts, including Baden-Baden (1 and 6 VII), Wiesbaden (2 VIII) and Ostend (1 IX). During a concert in Wiesbaden, King Wilhelm III, who is in the audience, makes Wieniawski an Officer of the Order of the Oaken Crown.
  • 15 and 20 X, concerts in Dresden.
  • At the end of October, Henryk is in London at the invitation of Louis Antoine Jullien, the composer, conductor and organiser of the annual cycle of concerts in this cycle.
  • At the very end of December, Henryk appears with a group of Jullien’s musicians in Manchaster, Brighton, Dublin and Belfast.


  • In January, Jullien’s group go on to give concerts in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham.
  • 14 II, plays first violin in a new series of chamber concerts: the Monday Popular Concerts. Plays in further concerts of this series on 7, 14, 21 and 28 III, 18 and 25 IV, 2 V, 14 and 28 XI.
  • Takes part in a series of chamber concerts for The Musical Union (17 and 31 V, 28 VI), and appears at the Drury Lane Theatre (26 and 29 XI, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 XII), in Philharmonic concerts (11 IV) and numerous “private concerts” (including 14, 19 and 29 IV, 23 V, 1 VI, 4 and 6 VII); on 8 IV, plays in Manchaster.
  • In summer, Henryk takes a short break in Paris and in Germany, then gives concerts in various health resorts: Baden-Baden (31 VII), Wiesbaden, Ems, Ostend (1 IX) and Bad Homburg, and also in Boulogne-sur-Mer.
  • In September, he makes another trip to Great Britain, giving concerts in Dover, Brighton and London.
  • In December, he makes appearances in the Netherlands: Amsterdam (14, 17 and 19 XII), Zaandam (21 XII) and the Hague (23 XII).


  • Continuation of the concerts in the Netherlands and Belgium: Arnhem (3 and 20 !), Amsterdam ($ I), Deventer (17 I), Utrecht (21 I) and Zwolle (23 I) as well as in Brussels, including a concert on 7 I.
  • At the end of January and beginning of February, stays in Bordeaux: on 29 I gives a concert in the Franklin Hall, then 31 I and 2 II at The Grand Theatre.
  • After a short visit to Paris and Beussles, at the end of March arrives in St. Petersburg, on 14 and 17 IV gives concerts at the Bolshoy Theatre. On 30 IV, signs, a 3-year contract as soloist at the Court and Court Theatres. On 13 V, begins his holiday.
  • 18, 21 and 25 V, gives concerts in Vilnius, on 29 travels to Warsaw. On 3 VI gives his first concert in the Reduta Halls, 8, 12, 15 and 22 VI in the Great Theatre. On 20 VI, takes part in a fund-raising concert for the Warsaw Institute of Music.
  • In the middle of September, Henryk discharges contractual obligations in St. Petersburg. He also collaborates with the Russian Musical Society, and takes over the leadership of the society’s string quartet. He takes part in concerts of the society (1, 3, 7, 22 and 23 XII).


  • From January to May, Wieniawski discharges his contractual obligations.
  • He plays the obligatory solo parts in opera and ballet performances at the Court. On 28 III, he has his own concert in St. Petersburg’s Bolshoy Theatre and in the middle of March two similar concerts in Moscow’s Bolshoy Theatre.
  • 13 V, begins his holiday. With Nikolai Rubinstein (Anton’s brother) he goes to London to give concerts. Takes part in the Monday Popular Concerts (3, 10 and 24 VI as well as 1 VII), in concerts for The Musical Union (4 and 18 VI and 2 VII), in a Philharmonic concert (17 VI), and in assorted other concerts (5, 7, 20, 21, 28 VI and 3 VII).
  • In September, he renews his contractual obligations in St. Petersburg.


  • 4, 11, 18 and 25 II, a cycle of chamber concerts by the Quartet of the Russian Musical Society. 13, 15 and 23 III, takes part in court concerts; 23, 24 and 27 IV, appearances at the Moscow Bolshoy Theatre.
  • He spends the first part of his holiday in Paris; 9 V, concert at the Hôtel Lambert in aid of needy Polish refugees. In August, on his return to Russia, gives concerts in the provinces (including Nizhnyi Novgorod and Saratov).
  • September (13 IX) sees the opening of the first St. Petersburg Conservatory, directed by Anton Rubinstein, with Wieniawski collaborating in shaping the organizational foundations and the programme of study. He becomes a member of the Pedagogical Council and a professor of the violin and chamber music classes.
  • December sees the inauguration of the next cycle of chamber concerts by the Quartet of the Russian Musical Society (4, 11, 19 and 25 XII).


  • Contractual and teaching obligations at the Conservatory. Takes part in concerts, including 4 III in St. Petersburg and 25 III in Moscow with r. Wagner as conductor. Further concerts in St. Petersburg (15, 29 III and 2 IV).
  • 7 IV signs a second contract for the next three years.
  • Concerts in the Netherlands: Utrecht (22 IV), Amsterdam (25 IV as well as 3 and 5 V), Leiden (28 IV), the Hague (29 IV), Arnhem (1 V), Alkmaar (5 V) and Rotterdam.
  • 21, 26, 29 V and 2 VI, concerts in Copenhagen.
  • 18, 22 and 25 VI, concerts in Stockholm; performance in Gothenburg.
  • Summer appearances in Liège (7 VII), Wiesbaden (31 VII), with his brother Józef in Spa (1 and 8 IX) and other health resorts.
  • In September, Wieniawski resumes his contractual work in St. Petersburg. On 27 XII, a series of chamber concerts by the Quartet of the Russian Musical Society begins.


  • 3, 7 and 24 I, further concerts of the Russian Musical Society Quartet; 31 I, start of their new series. 14 II, his own concert in St. Petersburg’s Bolshoy Theatre; 25 and 29 III as well as 4 and 7 IV, the same concerts in the Moscow Bolshoy Theatre.
  • 17 IV, Wieniawski is presented with the gift of a 1717 Stradivarius, purchased for him by St. Petersburg music-lovers.
  • Starts his holiday in London: takes part in Monday Popular Concerts (16, 23, 30 V, 6, 13 VI and 4 VII), The Musical Union concerts (17 V and 14 VI), philharmonic (13 VI) as well as provate concerts (17 V, 20 and 21 VI).
  • In July, visits friends in Paris, then gives concerts in Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden, Kreuznach, Ems, Bad Homburg and Schlangenbad.
  • In September, he returns to his contractual and pedagogical obligations in St. Petersburg.
  • 27 XI, 4, 11 and 18 XII, chamber concerts by the Russian Musical Society Quartet, the final concert together with his brother Józef. Takes part in other concerts (30 X, 1 and 8 XII).


  • The continuing rhythm of contractual obligations at court, teaching at the Conservatory, concerts for the Russian Musical Society. In the middle of March, gives two concerts at the Moscow Bolshoy Theatre, in which he performs two of his own concertos, with the participation of his brother Józef.
  • Begins his holiday in May with concerts in Riga and in towns in Courland.
  • Short visit to Paris and London, concerts in German health resort, including 26 VI in Kreuznach, with Clara Schumann and Wilhelmina Szarwady, and on 10 VII with Alfred Jaell.
  • From 2 to 12 XI, appearances at daily Promenade Concerts at Convent Garden, with C. Piatti, M. Krebs and G. Bottesini.
  • Examinations in the St. Petersburg Conservatory. The first graduates of Wieniawski’s violin class are honoured for services to Russian musical culture: Dmitry Panov, Konstanty Pushilov, Vasily Salin.
  • 19, 26 XI and 3, 10, 17 XII, chamber-music matinees by the Quartet of the Russian Musical Society.


  • Contractual obligations suspended for a visit on 1 II to Bucharest, where he gives a concert. Performances in St. Petersburg (28 II, 4, 12, 18 and 23 III) as well as in Moscow (21 III).
  • In April, his contract is renewed for another three years, with his holidays extended to five months and his salary increased.
  • In May, he visits London. Concerts for the Musical Union (22, 29 V and 5, 26 VI), Monday Popular Concerts (4, 18 VI and 2 VII), concerts for the Philharmonic Society, appearances at the Crystal Palace, plus numerous private concerts (including) 21, 22 and 23 VI).
  • Stays in Paris, then returns to London for a series of 18 Promenade Concerts at Convent Garden, 6-25 VIII.
  • In September, concerts in Baden-Baden and Ems; in October, he returns to his obligations in St. Petersburg. Takes part in 5 concerts by the Russian Musical Society and its quartet.


  • In response to a special invitation from Paris, he begins his annual holiday on 25 III – even earlier than usual.
  • Before Henryk arrives in France, he gives concerts in April in Scandinavia – in Stockholm and Oslo.
  • 19 and 21 VI, appears in Paris in a concert at the Conservatoire, then makes his way to Bordeaux: 27 IV, performs in a symphony concert, then on 30 IV and 1, 4, 6, V in chamber concerts.
  • In May, he gives concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands: 11 and 27 V in Brussels, 14 and 21 in Zwolle, 17 V in Arnhem, 18 V in Nijmegen, 20 V in Utrecht and also in Amsterdam and the Hague.
  • At the beginning of June, he spends a few days in London: 3 VI, gives a private concert; the following day, plays for the Musical Union. Returns to Paris for concerts in the Théâtre Italien (11 VI) and the Théâtre Lyrique (17 VI).
  • In July and August, gives his now traditional concerts in the health resorts, including Ems (5, 15 and 17 VII) and Ostend.
  • At the end of August, another month-long stay in London and participation in Convent Garden concerts.
  • On 10 X, plays at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, then belatedly returns to his St. Petersburg duties. He has one less of these as, together with Anton Rubinstein, he resigns his position at the Conservatory. In November and December, gives 5 chamber concerts with the Russian Musical Society Quartet.


  • 19 I, 13 and 16 II takes part in concerts in the hall of the Assembly of Noblemen in St. Petersburg; also in February, gives 4 matinée concerts of chamber music with the Russian Musical Society Quartet.
  • 6 III, appears as a conductor – the only known instance of him conducting a concert.
  • 17 III, plays at the Bolshoy Theatre, St. Petersburg, then in Moscow.
  • His holiday begins with concerts in Russia: Voronezh, Kharkov and Odessa. A severe ear infection interrupts his tour of the Crimea.
  • Wieniawski’s contract expires. From September 1868, St. Petersburg has no news from the artist. He does not apply for an extension of his contract nor does he tender his resignation. Despite pressure from the Director of Theatres, the Court Minister recommends delaying the cancellation of Wieniawski’s contract. He leaves Russia.


  • 4, 6 and 20 II, gives concerts in Bucharest, then in early summer performs in London, then at the Sultan’s court in Constantinople.
  • 27 IX, after a year and a half’s absence, Wieniawski returns to St. Petersburg, signs a back-dated contract for the next three years with even more favorable conditions than before.
  • In October, he heads a new series of chamber concerts for the Russian Musical Society (9, 16, 23 and 30 X); in December a further series begins (5 and 19 XII).
  • 12 XII, is granted an extra holiday to give concerts in Kishinev.
  • 14 XII, plays in a symphony concert for the Russian Musical Society.


  • 8 I, concludes the series of chamber concerts begun in December.
  • Contractually guaranteed his own concerts in St. Petersburg (5 III) and in Moscow (12 IV).
  • Mid-April leaves for Warsaw, 26 IV and 10 V, concerts in the Grand Theatre, 17 V in the half of the Resura Obywatelska, together with his brother Józef and the celebrated actress H. Modrzejewska.
  • 19 V, a concert in the Grand Casino Hall in Copenhagen. King Christian IX of Denmark presents Wieniawski with the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Daneborg.
  • 9 VI, a concert in Gothenburg, 15, 17 and 21 VI concerts in Stockholm. Decorated with the Royal Order of Vasa by King Charles XV of Sweden and Norway. The Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts awards the violinist an honorary membership.
  • In September, with his wife Isabella, who has accompanied him on the Scandinavian tour, Wieniawski travels to Mariánske Láznĕ. Isabella’s poor health delays their return to St. Petersburg until the end of September.
  • 11, 18 and 25 XII, concerts by the Quartet of the Russian Musical Society in St. Petersburg.


  • 28 I, a concert in St. Petersburg, following which, as part of a three-week holiday, he gives concerts in Helsinki (24 and 25 I as well as 2 II). A concert planned for 4 II in Viborg is cancelled because Wieniawski is ill, as in Philharmonic concert booked for the end of February in Vienna.
  • In March, Henryk gives concert in Riga and Reval, and then in the Russian towns of Tver, Voronezh, Saratov and Penza. In the last town, Wieniawski suffers a further serious attack of illness.
  • For many months, there is no word in St. Petersburg from the violinist; at the end of his holiday, he fails to return to his duties. Meanwhile, newspapers in Tbilisi and Stavropol record concerts in these towns, and in December Wieniawski several appearances in Odessa.


  • 20 I, gives a concert in Kiev. Does not return in Kiev. Does not return to St. Petersburg until April, after almost a year’s absence with no news. The court authorities show forbearance and the Directorship of Theatres renews Wieniawski’s contract a fourth time for three years.
  • 14 IV, gives a concert in St. Petersburg; several days later, on 23 IV, begins another, extra, fortnight’s holiday. Travels to Warsaw for a pre-arranged concert with his brother Józef. After a row with Count Berg, the Tsar’s Governor in Poland, Wieniawski’s concert is cancelled and he is expelled from Warsaw.
  • On leaving Warsaw, he gives concerts in Reval, then two concerts in Helsinki (the first on 16 V) and Viborg (21 V). He returns to St. Petersburg, where on 4 VI he gives a farewell concert, and on * VI he leaves Russia, breaking his contract.
  • In the middle of July, he gives concerts in Karlovy Vary, then stops off in health resorts on the Rhine; gives a concert in Schlangenbad. Once in London, he secures his family’s financial position by joining up with a team already assembled by the impresario Maurice Grau; together with Anton Rubinstein he sets sail on the ‘Cuba’ from Liverpool on 31 VIII.
  • 12 IX, the boat puts in at the port of New York. With concerts on 23, 25, 27 and 28 IX in the metropolis, Wieniawski begins a huge, 8-month tour comprising 215 concerts in over 60 towns in the eastern states of the USA and Canada. The group gives concerts in Brooklyn (1 and 7 X, 11 XI, 31 XII), New York (2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 24, 25 and 26 X, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 XI), Newark (8 X), Providence (14 X and 23 XII), Boston (15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 X, 25, 26, 27 and 28 XII), Springfield (21 X), Hartford (22 X and 24 XII), New Haven (23 X), Philadelphia (28, 29, 30 X and 7, 8, 9 XI), Baltimore (31 X, 1 and 2 XI), Washington (4 and 5 XI), Wilmington (6 XI), Albany (18 XI), Troy (19 XI), Justice (20 XI), Syracuse (21 XI), Elmira (22 XI), Rochester (23 XI), Buffalo (25 XI and 21 XII), Cleveland (26 and 27 XI), Columbus (28 XI), Dayton (29 XI), Chicago (2-7 XII), Cincinnati (9-12 XII), Louisville (13 and 14 XII), Indianapolis (16 XII), Fort Wayne (17 XII), Detroit (18 and 19 XII), Toronto (20 XII) and Bridgeport (30 XII).


  • Continuation of the American tour: concerts in New York (2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11 and 13 I, 31 III, 1, 2, 3, 19, 24 and 25 IV, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20 and 22 V), Albany (^ I and 28 IV), Syracuse (7 I), Newark (8 I and 18 IV), Philadelphia (14 and 15 I), Pittsburgh (16 and 17 I, 25 and 26 III), Steubenville (18 I), Indianapolis (20 I), Terre Haute (21 I), St. Louis (22, 23, 24 and 25 I, 17 and 18 II), Mobile (27 and 28 I), New Orleans (29 I - 8 II), Memphis (10 and 11 II), Nashville (12 and 13 II), Evansville (14 II), Springfield (19 II and 7 V), Bloomington (20 II), Chicago (21, 22 and 23 II, 17, 18 and 19 III), Peoria (24 II), Quincy (25 II), Burlington (26 II and 22 IV), Jacksonville (27 II), Lafayette (28 II), Frankfurt (3 III), Cincinnati (4, 20, 21and 22 III), Cleveland (5 III and 30 IV), Midville (6 III), Teitesville (7 III), Toledo (10 III), Detroit (11 III), Grand Rapids (12 III), Kalamazoo (13 III), Milwaukee (1 4 and 15 III), Columbus (24 III), Harrisburg (27 III), Baltimore (28 III and 17 IV), Washington (29 III, 14, 15 and 16 IV), Brooklyn (2 IV and 13 V), Philadelphia (3, 4and 5 IV), New Haven (7 IV), Farmington (8 IV), Hatrford (9 IV), Wooster (10 IV), Boston (11, 12, 13 IV, 9, 18 and 23 V), Montreal (21 IV), Troy (23 IV), Buffalo (29 IV), Dayton (1 V), Akron (2 V), Erie (3 V), Toronto (5 V), Hamilton (6 V) and Portland (8 V).
  • Rubinstein is mentally and physically exhausted by the draconian labour of the tour and returns to Europe. Wieniawski stays on for another year in America. In July, after giving concerts in Chicago (together with the pianist Wolfsohn), he makes his way to the western states. Gives two series of concerts in San Francisco, then performs in Mexico.


  • In February, he returns to new York for several farewell concerts. On the return journey to Europe he gives concerts in Havana, Cuba.
  • In August, he takes part in Convent Garden concerts and in soirées of classical music in London.
  • Concerts in the Netherlands: Rotterdam (14 and 29 IX), Hague (16 IX), Amsterdam (24 IX, 1, 3 and 29 X), Arnhem (2 X), Groningen (4 and 16 X), Leeuwarden (13 X), Zwolle (14 and 17 X), Dordrecht (21 X), Leiden (30 X), Middleburg (3 XI), Hertogenbosch (4 XI) and Maastricht (5 XI). At the invitation of King Wilhelm III of the Netherlands, he spends several days in the royal residence in Loo, and is decorated with the Order of the Golden Lion.
  • In November, he gives concerts in London; on 19 XI in Manchaster. He also plays in Liverpool and Dublin.
  • 1 XII, travels to Brussels in order to make the final arrangements before taking up the professorship of a violin class at the Conservatoire in succession to H. Vieuxtemps, at the invitation of the Director – F. A. Gevaert.
  • 6, 10, 12, 23 and 27 XII, plays in concert in Brussels.
  • 28 XII, assumes the post of Professor of violin and chamber music at the Brussels Conservatoire.


  • He combines his teaching work with numerous concerts. On 18, 28 and 30 I, he plays in Brussels, on 20 I in Bruges, 1 II in Lille, 17 II in Mons and 0 II in Liège. In March, April and May, he gives more concerts in Brussels.
  • Frequent excursions from Brussels to Paris for concerts (3, 10 and 17 I, 3, 4, 5 and 14 II; 16 and 17 III). On 12 I, he plays in Cologne.
  • At the beginning of May, Wieniawski is once more the guest of the King of the Netherlands at Loo; on 6 V he gives a concert with F. Liszt for the king.
  • In the summer, he gives concerts in London; 5 VII appears in a symphony concert, 6 VIII at Convent Garden. He also performs in Spa (9 VII), Ghent (26 VII) and Ostend.
  • 24 IX, Wieniawski gives a concert in Manchaster, 22 X in Kassel, 17 XI in the Hague, 5 and 9 XII in Brussels, 22 XII in Amsterdam, 30 XII in Barmen (now Wuppertal).
  • 9 XII, opens a new series of chamber concerts in Brussels for the Union Instrumentale, organized jointly with L. Brassin, his colleague at the Conservatoire.


  • Continues his teaching duties and his concert touring. Gives concerts in Hamburg (7 I), Magdeburg , Warsaw (12, 14 and 16 I – with his brother Józef), Frankfurt-am-Main (21 I), Hannover (22 I), Bremen (1 II), Güstrow and Schwerin.
  • 27 I, 6 and 11 II, gives concerts in Brussels.
  • In February, he gives concerts in the Netherlands: Arnhem (14 II), Dordrecht (15 II), the Hague (16 II), Rotterdam (17 II), Amsterdam (21 II) and Utrecht (22 II).
  • 29 I, gives a concert in Antwerp; then concerts in Brussels on 27 I, 6, 11, 26 and 27 II, 2, 7, 9, and 21 III, 20 IV. Further concerts in Paris 27 II, 5 and 28 III, 23 IV.
  • In May, visits London, including concerts on 17, 20 and 29 V.
  • In August, he gives a concert in Boulogne-sur-Mer; in the autumn visits Great Britain – concerts in Manchaster (20 X) and London. In London, he suffers from serious ill health; the press even report the violinist’s death. Soon, however, he resumes his concert-giving: 28 XI in London, 11 XII back to Manchaster.
  • He asks the director of the Brussels Conservatoire for a year-long holiday, in order to redress his health and his financial plight.
  • Wieniawski begins numerous concert tours. On 16 XI, he plays in a concert at the Leipzig Gewandhaus; on 25, 26 and 29 XI he plays in Vienna. Ill health forces him to cancel concerts planned for 3 XII in Prague – and then in Vienna, Graz, Budapest and Bratislava. On his recovery, he gives a concert in Prague on 26 XII.


  • In January, Wieniawski gives concerts alternately in Prague (9, 28 and 31 I) and Vienna (17, 22 and 26 I).
  • In February, he performs in Galicia, giving seven concerts in Lviv (5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 17 II) and two in Cracow (18 and 23 II). He also performs in Stanisławów, Tarnów, Bukowina and Czerniowce.
  • 25 II, takes part in a musical gathering at the home of F. Liszt in Budapest; on 27 II and 3 III, he gives concerts in the city. On 6 III, he plays in Bratislava, after which he begins his first Scandinavian tour of that year.
  • 10 and 14 II, and then on 13 IV, he plays in Copenhagen; on 13 III and 12 IV in Lund; on 17, 19, 22, 25 and 26 III, 1, 2, 3 and 5 IV in Stockholm, 20 and 21 III, as well as 4 IV, in Uppsala, 27 III in Norköping, 28 III in Linköping, 7 IV in Gothenburg, 9 IV in Jönköping.
  • 19 and 23 IV, returns to perform in Budapest; on 21 IV, he gives a concert in Losonc (Lučenec); on 24 IV in Bratislava, and at the end of April in Transylvania (Oradea – 25 IV, Gyula – 27 IV, Arad – 28 IV, Temesvár – 29 IV).
  • 10 and 13 V, gives concerts in the Theatre Royal in Copenhagen. He begins a tour of southern Russia, playing in Penza, Symbirsk, Kharkov and Voronezh.
  • In July, Wieniawski is back in Scandinavia, giving concerts in Stockholm, Lysekil and Strömstad, and on 3 and 6 VIII in Copenhagen.
  • At the end of August, he reaches Switzerland. On 27 VIII and 5 IX, he plays in Geneva and on 6 and 13 IX in Lausanne. He also gives 2 concerts in Montreux. Despite the efforts of Director Gevaert, Wieniawski does not return to work at the Brussels Conservatoire. On 27 IX, King Leopold II of Belgium signs a decree accepting Wieniawski's resignation.
  • In October, there is a series of concerts in Germany: in Baden-Baden (2 X), Hamburg (9 X), Frankfurt-am-Main (12 X), Wiesbaden (15 X) and Leipzig (18 X).
  • Wieniawski sets out with a group of musicians assembled by the impresario Ullman for a further tour of Scandinavia. They give concerts in Copenhagen (22, 23, 25 and 27 X), Stockholm (30 X, 1, 3, 4, 11 and 13 XI), Uppsala (2 XI), and also in Oslo, before returning to Copenhagen (16 and 17 XI).
  • In November and December, the same group gives concerts in Hamburg, Koblenz, Lübeck, Kiel (20 XI), Cologne (21 XI), Hannover (23 XI), Berlin (26 XI), Dresden (27 XI and 4 XII), Wrocław (29 XI and 1 XII), Frankfurt-am-Main (8 XII), Stuttgart (10 XII), Mannheim (11 XII) and Karlsruhe (12 XII).


  • In January, Wieniawski gives a concert with C. Saint-Saëns in Schwerin. He also gives concerts in the Hague (2 and 7 I), Hertogenbosch (10 I), Haarlem (12 I), Amsterdam (14 I), Groningen (15 I), Deventer (16 I), Leeuwarden (17 I), Zwolle (19 I), Nijmegen (21 I) and Dordrecht (22 I).
  • In February, he gives concerts in London: on 4 and 12 II at the Monday Popular Concerts; on 9 and 16 II at the Crystal Palace. He also gives a concert on 26 II.
  • There follows a short stay in St. Petersburg, where, with Pablo Sarasate, he gives a concert of improvisation for a Grand Duke Konstanty.
  • In March, he visits France, giving concerts in Lyons on 10 and 24 III.
  • In June, pays another visit to London. On 12 and 29 VI, Philharmonic concerts; 21 VI, appearance in Steinway Hall; 22 VI, in St. James' Hall.
  • 4 IX, concert in Ostend; 9 IX and 2 X, concerts in Baden-Baden.
  • 14 and 27 IX, takes part in a series of concerts of Russian music organised by Nikolai Rubinstein in the Trocadéro, Paris.
  • On 11, 13, 14, 17 and 19 XI, gives concerts in the Kroll Theatre in Berlin.
  • In November and December, gives concerts in Poznań (23 XI and 10 XII), Toruń (25 XI), Gdańsk (27 XI), Königsberg (5XII), Vilnius (16 XII) and Minsk (23 XII).
  • 25 XII, arrives in Moscow at the invitation of Nikolai Rubinstein. Wieniawski gives concerts on 27 and 29 XII, despite suffering from an acute heart condition.


  • 3 I, gives his last concert in Moscow. Despite his painful illnes, he does not interrupt his works as a performer. He makes a short visit to St. Petersburg, then gives concerts in Helsinki (18 I) and Viborg (22 I).
  • From February to July, interrupted by more and more serious bouts of illness, he gives concerts in southern Russia: Kursk, Orel, Saratov, Kiev, Odessa, Kharkhov, Taganrog, Novocherkassk, Nikolayev, Kherson, Kishinev and Tiflis.
  • In October, Wieniawski makes his last, unsuccessful attempt to resume concert performance.
  • 2 XII, he is taken in a critical state to Moscow and admitted to the Mariinsky Hospital for the poor.


  • In view of his impecunity, Wieniawski's friends organise benefit concerts on his behalf – 8 I in St. Petersburg and several days later in Moscow.
  • 26 II, at the invitation of the patroness of the arts, Nadyezhda von Meck, Wieniawski is taken to her palatial home on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard. Here, he is surrounded by the very best care from friends and doctors.
  • Wieniawski dies on 31 March at 8 p.m.
  • 3 IV, Moscow says farewell to the deceased violinist at the funeral mass in the French Church.
  • 7 IV, funeral obsequies in the Warsaw church of the Holy Cross and a ceremonial burial at the Powązkowski Cemetery in Warsaw. The musician is bid farewell by a fortythousand strong gathering of Warsaw residents.