Tomasz Michalak

Tomasz Michalak (b. 1940 in Cracow), talented violinist and conductor, graduated from the Academy of Music in Warsaw, where he studied the violin with Professor Irena Dubiska, and conducting with Professor Stanisław Wisłocki. Laureate of international music festivals and competitions (Moscow, Geneva), for several years (until his untimely death in mid-1980s) mainly worked in the United States as conductor. It was in this capacity that he made in Poland a recording of Henryk Wieniawski's compositions with Vadim Brodski as soloist.

Tomasz Michalak (Poland) - Nicolo Paganini - Paweł Kochański - La Campanella - Jerzy Marchwiński (piano).mp3 4.86 MB

Rec. competition presentation (1962).